Covid-19 A new clean world


The cleaning & restoration industry has been thrown a huge challenge. One, quite honestly, we were not prepared for.  You would think suddenly having a brand new ubiquitous market that people NEED is a gift from the heavens.   After all, us professionals in the restoration world are all cleaners and can handle anything right?  Wrong!  Many cleaning companies are trying to capitalize on this market without really thinking about whether or not they are prepared, qualified or capable of handling cleaning projects related to Covid-19.  The fact of the matter is very few companies are fully prepared for the challenges of this crisis.

Our company has been gearing up and preparing for months.  Purchasing supplies, attending webinars, networking with contractors, preparing & purchasing new equipment; And yet are we 100% prepared?  The answer is No.  Are we better prepared than most companies out there, large or small?  I believe the answer is Yes.

Why are we better prepared?

New Policies

We immediately implemented strict policies to protect our staff and our customers.  Technicians, for the foreseeable future, have their own company vehicle.  Two man crews are not allowed in one vehicle.   All service calls are now Contact Free and our company urges all customers to exit the home or business before we enter the structure.  If that is not feasible all of the social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC- Centers for Disease control are followed.  We are also offering Virtual Estimates to anyone interested.



Our company believes in training.  We have completed the 40 hour OSHA Hazwoper as well as the OSHA 10 hour construction safety & health,  attended the 2020 IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association) conference, maintain numerous IICRC (Institute of Inspection Restoration & Cleaning) certifications including AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician)  We are also in the process of obtaining our Pesticide Company License as well as our GBAC Certification-  (There are a few delays with these certifications as stay at home orders are in place)


Cleaning Methods

We also understand there are many methods out there to try and mitigate this virus; none of which are perfect.  Some companies might say ozone or hydroxyl is the answer, some might say fogging or misting is the answer, BUT in Bio-Remediation there really is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PROPER CLEANING.  Our organization has a cleaning protocol that starts with a sight assessment along with the use of  proper PPE & engineering controls.  We then proceed with our cleaning protocol to properly clean & disinfect the building.


Bottom line is this; our company is here to help our community!  We have volunteered our services to many medical facilities and restaurants in our area and have vowed to keep our employees on payroll for as long as possible during this challenging time.  We would be happy to provide advice to anyone with questions or concerns and can provide a free estimate to anyone interested in our services.  Be safe, Be Smart and we will get through this together.