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Professional Carpet Cleaning is what we do!

Carpet Cleaning / Oriental Rug Cleaning

Why professional carpet cleaning?

Health Benefits

Think of your carpet as a filter. Like any filter it acquires, accumulates, and traps bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, allergens and other unwanted nasty things that are in the air. Most of which is undetectable to the human eye, but there nonetheless.


Many of us live in homes which need a little something to spruce up the appearance — a professional carpet cleaning may be exactly what the  doctor ordered.  


Having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular schedule (The Carpet and Rug Institute recommend once every 12-18 months) is the best way to ensure an elongated life-span. Eliminating the probability of traffic lanes, stains and signs of general wear and tear. 

To Feel Better

Combining the elimination of potentially hazardous toxins with the aesthetic pleasure a “new looking” carpet provides will improve your mood and general way of life. 

How can a professional carpet cleaning improve my health?

According to the American

Lung Association:

“Cleaning our homes helps protect our family’s health. For anyone living with asthma, allergies, COPD or other lung disease, a cleaner home is essential to reduce irritants and triggers that can worsen these diseases.”

Rug Cleaning
As mentioned earlier carpets are a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. Professional carpet cleaning will:
Eliminate trapped pollutants.
Clear out dust mite infestations.
Can help prevent mold growth.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is what we do!

There is a clear difference between having experience and possessing expertise. 

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Home Maintenance Associates Inc. are experts. Home Maintenance Associates have over 50 years of experience and carpet cleaning is where we spent the lion’s share of that time. Home Maintenance Associates trained carpet cleaning professionals are Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. Home Maintenance Associates specialize in both commercial and residential carpets with the ability to handle from 1 to 50,000 sq. ft. 

Home Maintenance Associates uses a state of the art truck mounted cleaning system, utilizing a manufacturer preferred water extraction method, leaving it fully cleaned and sanitized. Contact us today to find out more or schedule your professional carpet cleaning today.

Home Maintenance Associates Inc. is IICRC Certified. IICRC Certified Firms have earned the right to display the IICRC logo as a symbol of quality. In order to achieve IICRC-Certified status, firms must meet a rigorous list of standards in business ethics and expertise.


“We had a frozen pipe break downstairs. There was significant damage & Carl and his team responded immediately. This was my first experience with this type of incident. The mitigation work that he did was top notch and he was extremely helpful during a stressful situation. This is not my primary residence and Carl was easy to communicate with during the whole process. He was attentive to our needs and concerns and did a great job. I’m a small business owner myself and couldn’t be happier w the service I received.”

Michelle Perkins 


“I am so pleased that I chose Home Maintenance Associates to clean my carpets and especially my oriental rug. The results were amazing and the were crew extremely knowledgeable and professional. Carl Grey, the owner is a pleasure to work with. I would certainly use them again and recommend them highly.”

Cathy Hill 


“I’m a satisfied repeat customer. Carpets can get pretty dirty in Vermont and when Carl is done cleaning them they look like new. He even cleaned my car seats. I highly recommend Home Maintenance.”

Bob Slusky


“We’ve had the opportunity to use Home Maintenance Associates on multiple occasions. What an incredible customer experience. Professional customer service and excellent job cleaning the carpets. We’d highly recommend using them.”

Mark Kelly 


“Carl was fantastic and so easy to work with. They completed the job during an evening and weekend so they didn’t delay our renovation!”

Barbara Corsello


“Home Maintenance has taken care of all our floor care needs for the last 20+ years, and we have never been disappointed. Most of our work needs to be done after hours, Carl and crew are very flexible and work through the night, or week-ends, to make sure everything is ready for opening on the next business day. Very trustworthy, dependable, professional and good at what they do. Whether it’s a 58000 sf office building of carpet, or a 100 sf of vinyl flooring, Home Maintenance is who we call.”

Bruce Woodruff
Facilities Manager, Orvis
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